The Reinforcement of Choice

Braid is quickly becoming the reinforcement of choice in the engineering world. Because all the fibers within a braided structure are continuous and mechanically locked, braid has a natural mechanism that evenly distributes load throughout the structure. This means that braid is the stronger, tougher, more flexible alternative to woven composites. For more than two decades, A&P Technology, maker of Sharx™ brand braided reinforcement, has been a world leader in braiding technology and we continue to push the boundaries of possibility every day. If you're looking for an efficient and economical way to optimize your design, braid could be the key to maximizing your product performance.

Why Braid

Use braid for stronger, stiffer, tougher, more damage tolerant composite parts. Braided materials are easy to use, offer part to part repeatability and improve manufacturing efficiencies dramatically.

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Tailored Solutions

A&P Technology has the personnel, the machinery and the experience to provide an optimized material solution for your application. Customizing reinforcements for specific applications optimizes the performance and the manufacture of composite parts.

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